You drop it, you measure it!

LEOS and TEOS machines are parts of the range of AYONIS multi-sensors 3D control systems.

From the LEOS 200 up to the TEOS XL 1210 machine, you can find all solutions to control your small, medium and large parts

All the latest optical and tactile technologies in 3D measurement are brought together in this range.

The programming of this range of machines allows to be autonomous, to inspect quickly and to transmit a detailed report of the requested measures.

Deltec leos 200 machine

The new generation of multi sensors 3D measuring machines

Performance and multi functionality

Brings together all the tools for your dimensional metrology (software and 3D structure)

Suitable for all types of controls: first part control, process control, laboratory, input control and final control

Multi-sensors measuring machines: beyond conventional optical measurement, the DELTEC range supports tactile control and chromatic confocal measurement.

Automatic control of single or multi-parts.

Multi-sensors machines

complementary sensors, combined on a single head per machine, make the DELTEC range an ideal tool for the dimensional control of your production.

In addition, the bi-camera system makes this machine an ultra-precise means of control accessible to all.


DELTEC LEOS machine head

Optical measures: High resolution cameras that vary according to the machines and to your needs, as well as motorized zooms and different types of lighting devices

Touche measurement: the machines use Renishaw TP 200 technology and are optionally equipped with stylus chargers, for full measurement automation

Confocal measurement:
The AYONIS 3D range also supports confocal chromatic measurement technology, for rapid non-contact surface and altitude measurement.


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