About us

AYONIS is a european manufacturer of 2D and 3D measuring equipments. Our machines are developed for watch-making industry, pharmaceutical field, electronic components, rubber applications … They provide precise and qualified control while improving your profitability.

More than 30 years of experience

AYONIS, its more than 30 years of experience  in the field of high precision metrology.

We offer a range of high-tech machines perfectly  adapted to the current requirements of industry.

On the one hand, you can find 2D digital profile  projectors of ICM range, and on the other, the DELTEC range with multisensors 3D measuring machines.

These two ranges, equipped with their powerful software suites, allow laboratory and line-side use.



History of Ayonis


Creation of Delta Technologies


Creation of AYONIS


Merger of Ayonis and Delta Technologies


Ayonis joined Laya group


Acquisition of Ayonis by ALTIMET

Ayonis systems are present all around the world

Ayonis presence world map

Machine ready to use

Our goal is to identify your request and propose a turnkey solution to meet your dimensional control needs.

Innovation and reaction time are real competitive advantages for Ayonis. Our experience as a designer and manufacturer of metrology equipment, the great responsiveness of our R&D department, together with our entirely in-house designed software, allow us to provide systems that perfectly suit the specific customers’ needs and metrology trends. The AYONIS abilities cover 2D metrology to 3D metrology without contact.

The ICM D2P range corresponds to 2D measuring machines that may be called DIGITAL PROFILE PROJECTOR for a part of their duties.

The software tools developed by Ayonis allow extremely wide application fields such as: hard and soft rubber, watchmaking, screws and rivets with automatic program generation, profiles, and so on…

Ayonis is a certified company ISO 9001 – 2015