You drop it, you measure it!

Our ICM systems represent the result of more than 30 years of experience in optical vision and offer quick and easy execution.

The advantages of the ICM D2P digital profile projectors:

  • Speed
  • Repeatability
  • Measurement reports
ICM SCAN machine

The new generation of 2D digital profile projectors

2D digital profile projectors in a nutshell

Recognition of the part and automatic selection of the corresponding program.

Control of the parts whatever their position and their orientation in the field of view.

Recording and statistical analysis of measurements to optimize traceability and quality control.

Adaptable field of view. Increased accuracy, reproducibility and objectivity of the measures with reduced control time.

Automatic devices

The advanced features of our digital profile projectors allow
an instant recognition and an immediate control of
the part you are positioning in the measurement field.
The machine manages the entire measurement cycle:

Program selection

Automatic alignment



ICM suite software

Reliability & time saver

No more repeatability errors made by operators during manual measurement, as it happens with “standard” profile projectors.
The digital profile projector allows the correction of the 3 main measurement faults attributable to the manual profile projector:

  • Repeatability: Elimination of measurement error due to manipulation and interpretation of different operators.Using a digital profile projector, measurements are always carried out with the same methodology.
  • Measurement speed: Control time of a few seconds against several minutes with an older generation of profile projector (whatever the number of dimensions measured).
  • Traceability: Automatic measurement report and results records. These ones are saved in a database and may be exported to SPC software.

Efficient and easy to use, the ICM range offers reliability, reproducibility and time saving.

Power, robustness & functional

Classified as small systems, these devices are ergonomic and allow maximum space saving, without losing power nor measurement quality. These profile projectors of the latest generation are line edge machines. Thanks to their embedded computers and their robustness, you can easily integrate them into your manufacturing area.

This machine has been conceived to work in difficult environments.
The ICM profile projectors are delivered with their ICM Suite software including powerful tools to take advantage of the entire machine.
Because of their measuring quality and their excellent accuracy, these machines are used in many industrial domains such as watchmaking, micromechanics, electronics…

ICM suite software
ICM Scan dimensions

ICM Scan Demo

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