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The website uses several cookies for different purposes. The cookies targeted have been listed in the table below:


Your rights:

  1. Withdrawal of consent

You may withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data transmitted via the contact forms by clicking on our contact form

  1. Permission to access

On simple request, you can have access to your personal data.

  1. Right to rectification of data

You can request the update of your personal data by using our contact form.

  1. Right to erasure

You can request the deletion of your personal data by using our contact form.

Security of personal data

The pages are in HTTPS secure mode, SSL (Secure Socket Layer). It is a security protocol that encrypts the content of the exchanges between the browser and the database servers. This prevents the personal data entered and sent via the forms to be easily read by third parties during their transit.

Personal data collected

Two types of personal data are collected on the site

  • Data entered and sent via forms
  • Data collected by Google Analytics analytics

Responsible for the processing of personal data

The personal data are collected on the site by the company Ayonis, SARL with the capital of 725 000 €,code : 7112B, SIRET 50982374600011, whose head office is located rue du port, 27400 Louviers.

  • Purpose of collecting personal data

The collection of personal data through various forms on the site is intended to contact people who have left their contact information,

By submitting the form and checking the form’s consent checkbox, the user expressly agrees that the personal data will be processed for the purpose of managing the business relationship.

The collection of personal data through the Google Analytics tracking tool used on the site aims to analyze the behavior of users on the site in order to measure the audience and improve performance.

Google Analytics uses third-party cookies to distinguish users. Cookies are text files installed on the Internet users’ terminal. They contain no nominative information, only identifiers created randomly.

By browsing the site, the user expressly agrees that the personal data collected by Google Analytics are processed for the purpose of analyzing the behavior of Internet users for the improvement and performance of the site.

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Information about the use of cookies on our site

What is the role of a cookie?
Cookies have different roles depending on their nature: their purposes can be very varied. The very nature of a cookie will depend on its impacts on your privacy. There are two main categories of cookies to distinguish:

  1.  Cookies whose sole purpose is to enable or facilitate electronic communication or strictly necessary for the provision of a communication service at your express request. These cookies may be legally deposited without your consent as they do not pose a risk of invasion of your privacy. Their main interest is to allow you to use all the features of our website. Other cookies whose purposes can be very varied: advertising statistics, sharing (s) on social networks, etc. These cookies are subject to your consent before being deposited on your terminal.

What is a cookie ?
The french organisation (CNIL) defines the cookie as information deposited on the hard drive of a user by the server of the site he visits. It contains several data: the name of the server which deposited it, an identifier in the form of a unique number, possibly an expiry date. This information is sometimes stored on the computer in a simple text file that a server accesses to read and save information.

Use of cookies
The content of this page concerns all users of our site. Its main purpose is to inform all visitors about the use of cookies that can be made on our site. It is also intended to provide educational explanations regarding the interest and uses of cookies.
When browsing our site, information about the navigation of your device (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.) may be saved in “Cookies” files installed on your device. In order to better understand the usefulness and use of these cookies, please read the information below.

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