Enter an other dimension!

Galaxy is the latest innovation of the metrology machines developed by Ayonis.
This is the result of more than thirty years of experience in contactless metrology.

These machines are unique simultaneously thanks to their scanning technology, the double-sided configuration (model DS331) and their capabilities. They offer new performances both in inspection time and accuracy.

Designed as production machines and equipped with a new software platform “Galaxy Suite” that meets the new requirements of 3D metrology, they perfectly fit the latest generation of production environments.

Enter the era of metrology 4.0!

Galaxy ds331 machine

The new generation of 3D scanner machines


The new generation of 3D scanner machines


AYONIS presents OS442 and OS211 machines that join the Galaxy DS331 (3D double side scan based on the line sensor from the Chromatic Confocal Technology). The OS442 machine provides a maximum measuring surface of 400×400 mm.

The single side scan OS211 machine provides a maximum measuring surface of 250×150 mm and may be coupled to a vision sensor for 2D measurement.

They are all perfectly adapted to measure / control small parts in micromechanics industries (watchmaking, medical devices), electronics (components), material analysis (flaw surface detection).

Performance and productivity

New software platform “Galaxy Suite ™ ” for the control, the record and the follow-up of your measurements.

Off-line programming from the CAD model

Two line-sensors based on “Confocal Chromatic” technology allow simultaneous top and bottom scanning of a part in a reduced time.

Designed for multi-parts control in production environment


The 3D scanner machine is a versatile and adaptable tool for the control of small parts.

The application scopes are various: watchmaking, medical devices, optics, electronics…

Its Chromatic Confocal technology allows the control of parts with diffuse surfaces, polished mirror, gloss… and materials as diverse as gold, steel, brass, glass, sapphire…


  • Decreased set up time of machine tools 
  • Production follow-up (SPC)
  • Fewer systems needed
  • Less human errors (manipulation and interpretation)
  • No broken tools (small touch stylus)
  • Measuring of small geometries


Medical devices





Demo GALAXY DS 331

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